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WRAPPIN' GOOD - Beeswax Wraps, Small Pack

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The three small wraps in the Small Pack are great for keeping small half cut vegetables fresh, or to wrap a biscuit for school lunch boxes.

3 x 15cm square small wraps.

Waxed food wraps are an environmentally friendly alternative to wrapping and covering your food.  Not only are they great for covering leftovers and salad bowls, they also help keep cut vegetables and cheeses fresh, and are perfect for wrapping lunches and snacks, as well as solving the problem of jars with no lids.  You can even use a wax wrap to wrap flowers and gifts.  They are washable and reusable for approximately one year, therefore eliminating the need for single use plastic wrap.  Once you have completely worn them out, rather than putting them in the garbage, add them to the compost or use as a non toxic fire lighter.

(Please note, your wraps will be selected from what we have in stock. Fabric patterns will vary.)