UASHMAMA - Paper Bag Oversize, Grey - Makers On Mount
UASHMAMA - Paper Bag Oversize, Grey - Makers On Mount

UASHMAMA - Paper Bag Oversize, Grey

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Taking inspiration from our signature washable paper table bags we have designed extra large planter sizes for the floor. 

Starting at 'Large Plus' this size comfortably fits a 20cm plant pot, from here we move up to 'XLarge' which is an ideal size used as a paper bin or a 25cm pot, 'XXLarge' is a popular size for laundry or 30cm pot and the 'Giant' coming in at 45cm in base diameter is designed specifically as a super sized bag for a Christmas tree or large indoor plant with a pot size of 40-42cm.

When the oversize bags arrive they will be packed flat, at first look they may seem too big, please don’t be put off by their initial flat form. As soon as you start rolling the top down the bag will start to take form and the sheer size will disappear. Don’t be afraid to grab handfuls of the paper and roll big fat long rolls, scrunch and roll, scrunch and roll and then some more. The base shape can be manipulated and squashed in once the bag is at the desired height.

Each and every paper bag we sell is sewn by hand in a cottage in Tuscany, so we are proud to call ourselves a cottage industry. Every purchase directly supports an artisan community of Italian seamstresses. 

Use for laundry, towels, blankets, toys, magazines, as a vase, planter or paper bin... and that's just a few ideas. 

They easily fit into any interior design and space.